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Cant Download Dolphin, Help please?

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Hi guys.

I tried to download the lastest version of Dolphin on its official website that redirected me to: Dolphin Download Page | Builds by Daco, I downloaded a file called Dolphin_4214.exe but it comes with wrong size (about 200 bytes) so I opened the file with notepad and noticed that it was a web page or something with a error.

Are you guys having the same problem? Theres another way to download lastest Dolphin?

If not, someone that have it maybe could upload it on rapidshare or megaupload please?

Thanks in Advance!
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Look around the forums, many people (myself included) compile builds and are kind enough to post them somewhere and link to them in our signatures. Now that you are a member of the forums, you will probably have an easy time with that. The build in my signature is the most recent revision (at the time of this post, r4253), and be sure to check back on the forums often.
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