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Hey guys,

i have a problem with my version of Rogue Galaxy. The Problem is that in the prison where i must escape with Kilika and Simon when i get the first Prison Key a short time after that the button functionality of X, Square and Triangle are disabled. So the only thing i can do is jump around. For a few seconds this might be funny but after a few minutes its very odd. I'm using pcsx2 0.9.6 with the plugins:

Graphic: GSDx 890 (SSE41) 0.1.14
First Controller: LilyPad 0.9.9
Cdvdrom: Linuz Iso CDVD 0.8.0

The Patch that i can get in this forum for Rogue Galaxy doenst work.

Kind regards from Germany

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dont bother theres a game breaking bug at chapter 7 i believe that has yet to be fixed. Just gotta wait.
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