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So I get ePSXe installed and I put together a collection of plugins. I use my Chrono Cross CloneCD image which I made off my CC black disc, and daemon tools to run it using RUN CDrom

My problem is this: I see the opening screen that says PUBLISHED BY SQUARESOFT

Then I get a whole bunch of garbage on my screen and the music from the intro FMV starts playing

Pressing "start" does not work
Pressing F4 or F7 DOES NOT WORK

I cannot do anything except press escape and kill epppsxeep or whatever they are calling it :)

I am using Pete's OpenGL, Internal Sound, and Pete's CDrom.
This computer is Win98 and I keep it very clean, I only use it to play some games and do not install anything else on here.

I even used all the "recommended settings for Chrono Cross" that I found on this board

Has anyone else heard of this problem or am I SOL?

Duron 750(900), 256M, GF2, A7v, Win98
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