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Can you take screenshots in adripsx by pressing F8?

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I just saw in Adripsx FAQs provided in our NGEMU site that screenshots can be taken by pressing F8 and they are stored in Snap folder under Adripsx.Is this information correct ?If yes then I am not able to take screenshots that way.In fact there is no snap folder inside adripsx folder and even if you manually create one F8 doesnt work.
I am using pete's 1.53 d3d plugin and able to take shots in epsxe using it.

I am forced to use tools like aldoscapture to take these shots.So what may be the problem?
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I guess adripsx can't use f8 to take screenshots.. Well, you could always use aldos screencapture.. That is weird though.. How come it says that adripsx can with f8.. Anyone else able or not able to take screenshots with f8 in adripsx?
I take screenshots in the old way with the AdriPSX :D
With the button of copying screen of Windows98 :p
Paint Ctrl V ;)
I personally use ALT-PRINTSCREEN keys for capturing any shots when running a GPU plugin in Window Mode.

If it is in FullScreen, I most times use HyperSnapDX.

Screen Capture hot-key depends on GPU Plugin features.
At least at my home, Kazzuya's GPU does it fine for that.
It still have not been corrected in Adripsx faqs on our ngemu site.
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