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Can you set an password for directory's?(maps)

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I want to protect some folders by setting a password on it, is this possible with some software??

And if it is, would that be effective on any OS? I mean someone going from windows 3.1, 95, 98 , and beyond would all need to input the password?

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Yeah I have nFTS on my disks... so how do I set uncrackable passwords on them?
When I do that it says applying attributes....

and a error occurs

the specified module could not be found...

ignore, retry cancel etc...

It didn't even ask for a PW.
Truecrypt is really too cryptic for me.. :S I think it only allows entire disk volumes to be protected not single files or maps...

Is there an easy to use prog?
Thanks nifty program!

Uhm I tried locking folders and files and that seems to be working fine. Though I read it only works on the OS u installed it on so not that secure.

So i looked at encryption and when I add files to encrypt hey are moved to Z: locker01

The files at original location are gone, but are moved to this Z: drive...

What's the use of that? I can still acces the files without any password by going to z: ....

EDIT: nevermind that goes away when u close the program...
New question.. what if ur trail is over, and u want to unprotect files? are u fu cked then and must buy whole version?
Second Question When I have encrypted the file, the file isn't visible anymore.. I thought the file would visible just not accesable? Can I do it the way I mentioned?
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No stealth mode is about covering the tracks of the software itself not the files.

For example the locker is saved in my documents it's undeletable...
I thought my encrypted files would be like [email protected] orginal location, but instead they are gone from orginal location... ohhhh wait I get it, they are stored there in the locker of course :D im a bit slow

What if u would format the drive, i assume it would get deleted anyway of the protection?
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