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Can you set an password for directory's?(maps)

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I want to protect some folders by setting a password on it, is this possible with some software??

And if it is, would that be effective on any OS? I mean someone going from windows 3.1, 95, 98 , and beyond would all need to input the password?

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Thanks nifty program!

Uhm I tried locking folders and files and that seems to be working fine. Though I read it only works on the OS u installed it on so not that secure.

So i looked at encryption and when I add files to encrypt hey are moved to Z: locker01

The files at original location are gone, but are moved to this Z: drive...

What's the use of that? I can still acces the files without any password by going to z: ....

EDIT: nevermind that goes away when u close the program...
New question.. what if ur trail is over, and u want to unprotect files? are u fu cked then and must buy whole version?
Second Question When I have encrypted the file, the file isn't visible anymore.. I thought the file would visible just not accesable? Can I do it the way I mentioned?

Try Folder Access Folder Access Pro - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET i'm using it since two years now and works fine. Also any third party folder protection programs will work on that OS only. So if you have two Operating systems install it on both the systems doesn't take much time.

You can use EFS in Windows XP to automatically encrypt your data when it is stored on the hard disk.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA :rotflmao: i think so too.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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