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Can you save Models + Textures form the games?

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I want to save models and textures of the characters in games is this possible? The wireframe models? Thanks.
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it might be possible to get the textures from a game (using a gs plugin that supported that) but you can't get the models easily because all the T&L is done by software (usually in the VUs) so when the game renders a model the gs plugin only can only see transformed triangles (almost useless to rip a model).
The PS2 is not a N64. I don't know how the N64 graphics work, and I'm not a gs expert so I can't tell anything more than this: only if the post-processed triangles (ready to be rasterized) can be dumped and saved to a file, then you will be able to do that with a plugin that supports this feature, and I remember reading somewhere that the ps2 can be used with or without a Z-buffer. If the game isn't using a Zbuffer then you are probably out of luck, because the game will not send the Z coordinate to the card so you can't dump them completely. if the game uses the Z-buffer, then there is also a problem: the game can process the triangle lists (or whatever it has) to optimize it and do backface culling and maybe other culling techniques, so you might miss all the polygons that aren't visible.
If this isn't correct, then correct me.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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