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Can you save Models + Textures form the games?

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I want to save models and textures of the characters in games is this possible? The wireframe models? Thanks.
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haha. I'm glad someone else saw my video that I made. Thanks!

Yes, I did extract it with some software. If you are interested, drop me a line (PM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, mIrc.), and I'll be happy to assist you. Or if you want I can post an extraction guide on extracting PS2 type music here.
These are general instructions.
Some of them might not work with your game, but its worth a try.

You will need:

Nova Software Extractor
MFAudio: Attached
The File Splitter
DVD Decrypter

-----------Using Nova Software Extracter-----------
Step 1
Rip the Disk using DVD Decrypter. Remember the directory where ISO was Extracted. When done, Close DVD Decrypter.
Step 2
Split the File using File Splitter. Locate your file and make a directory for the splitted file. Under Size tell it Custom Size. And tell it 1 Gb. Tell it split. When done Close "File Splitter" (You can delete the Main ISO after this part, but KEEP the splitted file)
Step 3
Open Up Nova Software Extracter. Select File to Scan, and tell it one of the splitted files you just made. Tell it open. Under Selected Formats, select "Sounds.fmt" then hold down CTRL and click on "MIDI.fmt" and "Audio.fmt" and click open. Scroll down and unclick "MP3". Tell it "Start"
Step 4
Wait for Scanning to complete. Once completed check the files and extract to a directory.

IF you get sound Congrats! If you do not or no files appear, then you’re out of luck using this way.

Note: This should take anywhere from a couple minutes to an hour.

Step 1
Open MFAudio
Step 2
Click open on the program.
Step 3
Locate any file that looks like it might be a audio file and tell it open.
Step 4
Click Play and hope that you can hear audio. If you hear audio (NOT static) and it is more than one song playing tell it stop. Then under Channels type “1.” and press play again.

NOTE: This Way only take a couple of seconds to minutes after you know what your doing.

Hope this helps!

Any Question? Contact me at [email protected]
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