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Can you save Models + Textures form the games?

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I want to save models and textures of the characters in games is this possible? The wireframe models? Thanks.
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This is somthing Ive always wanted. Imagen taking some DMCII models and animating them in 3DSmax. Ive done this with some N64 models a while ago, but cant seem to find the ****.
GiGaHeRz said:
it might be possible to get the textures from a game (using a gs plugin that supported that) but you can't get the models easily because all the T&L is done by software (usually in the VUs) so when the game renders a model the gs plugin only can only see transformed triangles (almost useless to rip a model).
If im not mistaken, the way I riped the models from an N64 game was using a graphics plugin. Durring the game, you would enable the dumping feature and it would export the curent 3D rendered secne in a .vmrl(?) file. I opened it in 3DSmax and they were all triangles, just like u said.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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