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Recently I purchased a Sony Walkman NWZ-S616F Red, it's a nice video/graphic/music mp3 player that can play mp3s, videos, and display pictures, it charges off the pc, is small and is a nice mp3 player except I can't figure out how to play it via my PC.

I use my 2 gyg mp3 player on my PC, but windows sees it as an external hard drive, the Walkman is seen differently, and neither Windows media player nor win amp will recognize it. It's frustrating, as I like to keep a mp3 player hooked up to the PC and listen to music during the day.

I tried contacting Sony and they had no idea what I was talking about.

Can anyone give me some helpful advice, please?


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Can you explore the files in the walkman with windows explorer? If so then open it and play the mp3 files in it with windows media player.
Did you get a separate utility software with your walkman to transfer files to it.
Like iTunes for iPod and Creative Media Source for creative mp3 players. If so then you may have an option in thst software to play songs off the walkman.
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