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can you emulate the vmu screen?

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playin skies of arcadia and if i understand correctly the little avatar in the vmu screen is supposed to help you find the "chams" was just wondering if it can be emulated as well? and also if there is a way to do the vmu games and whatnot just a curiosity it seems unlikely that it would be so but it would be nice
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can you describe to me how to do that? i have the 1.3 version tho its not the one i use since i really enjoy the joypad plugin >.< but it might be worth it because on soa its the only way to find the chams :(
i got it working thanks its stupid that they dropped the controller compatibility in this version tho also would be nice if you could choose "always on top" for the vmu screen but thanks again for the info ,its crazy that they would drop such a desirable feature as controller support but being as soa is a turn based rpg minus the analog support wont be so bad :p
i'll look into that i came up with this in the mean time

can i embed vids here i tried to embed this vid but it wouldnt take so here's the link

works fairly well this way still i'd like to try that makaron out
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cool! as usual thanks for the help :p i'm a big youtuber i used to make alot of vids when i used to play runescape alot but i got banned so i quit lol (they frown on using mouse recorders)
i tried to get dolphin working on my pc but had major problems (most likely due to my pc being kinda lame) but from what i understand i should have minimum specs to run it but no luck so far kinda off topic tho :p i guess i should spend some time in that section of forums maybe after i finnish skies of arcadia :p
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