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can you emulate the vmu screen?

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playin skies of arcadia and if i understand correctly the little avatar in the vmu screen is supposed to help you find the "chams" was just wondering if it can be emulated as well? and also if there is a way to do the vmu games and whatnot just a curiosity it seems unlikely that it would be so but it would be nice
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Yes in version 1.0.3 but only whilst playing in a window. As for playing the VM games you can't with Nulldc so you probably need a VMU emulator
You dont have to do anything. Just start a game and the vmu screens work.
You could give Makaron a try, it has a transparant vmu screens over full screen display, and controller support.

Very clever. If you click quote on this post you will see how i embedded it.
Yeah, i have a youtube channel too, mostly videos of the Dolphin emulator.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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