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can we use a mouse to simulate a gun?

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Err.. well, i really didn'T know how to ask the question! :p

What i mean is is there a way to play shooting games (Time crisis, Resident evil:Survivor etc...) with ePSXe? I heard that there is a plugin that exist? Am I wrong?
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theres a way to do it
i used to play die hard trilogy using my mouse in the second "film"
go to the control pad config, a look wheres digital only and put digital/ mouse (F5)
it worked for me
or just press F5 during the game
yes and no...technically it's enabled, but many of those games don't have a crosshair so you don't know where you're shooting....I hope in future releases a crosshair will be optionally available....would be so much nicer...(the nes emu loopynes has it too, so you can play duckhunt with mouse).
what plugin do you use? i don't see to have the option of mouse

i use the default plugin
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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