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i don't think buying online is such a good idea.....i bought some stuff in the internet...and i can't complain :)
But there many pros and cons.....if you buy might as well be within your home country or else....EX: Geforce 3 at $250 USD..WOW :eek: go and buy arrives at your home (Europe) 2 mouths $100USD shipement charges.... them you repetly bang your head agains the wall cos all your friends already have a geforce 3 for half the price you paid in the store nest if the deal goes well and if the merchandise comes intact to your home..great!! :D , but then after a couple of days, the computer refuses to go to the store, they tell you it's the geforce 3 that has a defective component.. you say:
Oh well it is still within the warranty, so.... give me another one ;)
They say ( here is my favorite part):
Sure it is....where you bought it !!!!!!!!! :p :p :p :p
(you get the idea from now on...)
I'm not saying DO NOt buy online....i'm just saying : Think twice!
21 - 23 of 23 Posts