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can someone tell me the best way to config epsxe?

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currently i can only get a few of my games to work (gran tour racing, colony wars and nfs3) but when i try to play ANY RPG it loads the game but then it crashes. also my dvd drive is extremely slow so can someone tell me how to make an iso and give me a link to download the program at?
here's my system info
AMD K-6 2 @ 500 mhz with mmx and 3dnow
64 MB shared memory (56 cpu 8 video)
Compaq 8-x DVD-rom drive

any help will be appreciated
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don't get me started about Compaq..... They sold me a compaq presario 7470: amd k6-2 533, onboard sound and graphics card(shared memory shit).... no agp slot..... only 4 pci slots..... Had to buy a voodoo 3 3000 pci but worked ok....... The shitty thing is that when I bought the thing, the manual that came with it said I could upgrade the cpu which is what I wanted(an upgradeable comp)..... to an amd tbird or athlon.... well low and behold, i learned later from Compaqs own reps that I couldn't upgrade the cpu without upgrading the motherboard...... SO I say sure why not...... Then they tell me after I say "sure, a new motherboard is cool", I have to get a whole new computer case!!!!....... wtf..... Compaq sucks...... Well lets just say I went and bought my own parts from somewhere else and by myself put together my own computer....... Tbird 1gig, voodoo 5 5500 agp, 256 megs ram 133....ect...... New case and all..... My case opens from the side not from the back..... so the whole right side panel come right off and I see my whole system inside..... I keep the panel off sometimes to cool it down faster....
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