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can someone tell me the best way to config epsxe?

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currently i can only get a few of my games to work (gran tour racing, colony wars and nfs3) but when i try to play ANY RPG it loads the game but then it crashes. also my dvd drive is extremely slow so can someone tell me how to make an iso and give me a link to download the program at?
here's my system info
AMD K-6 2 @ 500 mhz with mmx and 3dnow
64 MB shared memory (56 cpu 8 video)
Compaq 8-x DVD-rom drive

any help will be appreciated
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Originally posted by Betamax
You think compaq are bad... try using a packard bell. I saw this one advertised 3 months ago. On closer examination it had:

1: Onboard agp graphics
2: Riser card for expansion slots (no chance of a new mobo then)
3: 2 pci slots on riser card
4: 64 mb ram SOLDERED onto the mobo :confused: (no chance of keeping that for any upgrades)
5: On board sound (ok its a live)

If you ever want to upgrade then the only thing from inside you could take are the cdrom, the HDD or the AMAZINGLY "fast" K6 2 450.

Now here's the really stupid part.

In order to help make it look like a good deal they shove tons of absolutely usless programs onto the HDD. The result is that the 10GB HDD has only 1GB free. You could hardly install Word and a game onto that!

Oh and the price £500. (or $708.095)

Man how I laughed.
thats really funny :D :D :D :D :D
heh, thiss is jes 4 posting my 600 post
weeeeeeeeeeee :D :D :D :D
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