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Can someone help with DQV?

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Hi, I am still working on my translation of Dragon Quest V for ps2. I need to get one ram dump to figure out the compression but have been unsuccesful at getting this game to run. If anyone can run it and wants to get this for me all it takes is clicking a button. It would say me lots of trouble. I need the ram dump of when you first wake up in the ship and Papas is talking to you. Please send to [email protected] if you have the file or think you can help. Lots of people want to play this game in English. Thankyou. :lol:
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I've already played through the game several times on Zsnes. I don't know if the PS2 version would run well enough to play anyways on emulator.
Im not concerned with playing it. Just getting the dump of the ram. I have other methods of testing it. Besides the game is now compatible if you check screenshots on page 1 of pcsx2 8.1. Thats why I am asking someone to do it for me because I just need the dump of the ram but can't get it running.
Yeah I see what you're saying. Well good luck with the translation.:)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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