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First of all: Hya everyone! My name is Mark and I'm from Brazil.

OK, enough said. ;)

What happened is that I had a "little" problem with my copy of FF9 ( My lovely little cousin scratched 'em all... ¬_¬' ) and I decided to buy a new copy, but I won't pay for it again, so, got a burned copy, sorry Square, but I already paid for the game once, and that's for a life-time fun with FF9. :p

The problem is that this version came with a strange intro screen of "Kalisto" and it don't worked with the patches I've used with the other CDs, so, checking at Aldo's... Wow, there was a patch for this version... What I'm wondering is what the hell is this version for?

Do FF9 had any protection copy that needed to be hacked or anything like that?

Well, that's it for now.

- Cheers. :)
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