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I was just curious, as I like to really understand the options that are available for the emulator, and these 2: Framebuffer textures and Framebuffer access elude my basic understanding of the playstation.

I did notice that in Resident Evil 2 that if both are set to 0 then certain high graphics areas, like fighting Birkin at the end artifact and distort. If I set Textures to 0 and access to 4, it runs much better. Messing around with them, and setting say both to 2 makes the screens all distorted. Seems to me, the only other option, aside from 0 and 4 (respectively) that works is 3 and 4 (again respectively).

I was wondering, from a global compatibility standpoint, which is the least CPU intensive, and is really the "Best" setting.

Also, while I'm at it, what is the best setting for Offscreen drawing?

I have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 (3GHZ), 2 GBs of RAM, WinXP, GeForce 9800 GTX+

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First of all, those options are in the OpenGL(1) plug-in. Your card can handle the better OpenGL 2 plugin.

With framebuffer access at 4, the CPU is doing all of the work. With it at 1-3, the GPU does in varying levels (the differences I'm unaware of). At 0, it's emulated.

With frambuffer textures at 0, they're also emulated, and no special effects happen (unless framebuffer access is at 4). At 1, it's intentionally left Black/disabled, at 2, it's emulated via the GPU, and at 3, it's emulated via the GPU plus more things are done by the CPU.

2 or 3 for framebuffer textures is okay. If the PC can't handle either, leave it at 0.
3 or 4 for framebuffer access is okay. I found 1 or 2 works okay if the CPU is lacking but the GPU is in any way half decent (ala, with my Pentium III paired with my GeForce 4 Ti4200).

Of course, this observation is based mostly on my playing with those two settings in Final Fantasy IX.

It depends on the game, the scene, and of course, preference.
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