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Optimally, you want the absolute fastest CPU you can get that is a dual core, and a decent or better video card, for PCSX2.

That being said, your CPU is okay. If you can and are willing, overclock it a bit. With most computer things, such as games, overclocking the CPU, say, 25% does not net you 25% performance increase, but in PCSX2, it pretty much does, so the CPU speed is priority and overclocking is more worth it here. Otherwise, at 2.8GHz, it should be decent enough, but you'll get some slowdowns. Note that some games just won't run full speed, either due to needing a whole lot of CPU power, or due to emulation not being perfect (ditto for video abnormalities).

The video card, however, isn't so great. Stick to native internal resolution with GSdx, or no anti-aliasing with ZeroGS KOSMOS, and unless the game itself in question in graphics heavy, it'll reduce the chances of your video card being a bottleneck. The fact that it's a Turbo Cache card isn't going to help, though (can you still not disable that feature on those cards?). That's about the best advice I can give you.

Oh, and make sure the MTGS and dual core options are enabled in the CPU section, if you hadn't already. It gives a very big speed boost.

If you were to overclock your CPU a bit, and drop in a decent video card (say, 8600GT or better, but optimally a 9600GT or better with prices being so low), then you'd be in business.

Also, note that frame rate in emulation directly equals game speed. That is, it's not like PC games were the game always goes the same speed. 30FPS is the game literally running at half speed, and 120 is literally running at double the speed (these are NTSC numbers, so since I believe you'll have PAL region games, it's 50FPS for full speed, and 25 for half and 100 for double). What I mean is, anything over 50FPS will just make the game actually run faster, so it's waste (unless you intentionally want it to run faster, say, for faster leveling in RPGs and so on).
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