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no, sadly ps1 systems can only and always only support 1mb, which is 15 blocks... i know there are larger memory cards available for purchase but they are the same sure it says 8 mb but its more like 8 memory cards in 1, sometimes done with compression which in turn made some games not work with it, but even if it wasnt compressed it will have issues since you used a controller shortcut to switch between the 8 memory cards which made the game saves corrupted since its like physically removing the memory card and putting a new one in, sure again it doesnt happen all the time but it will happen...

there other issues like the controller shortcut doesnt work with dual shock controllers on the older model memory cards, games that will still refuse to work with it and having the smeg of a card corrupt its memory card changing ability over time like three months of use or when you use it in the ps2....

ps1 games never used more than 1 memory card but what i would like epsxe to set up a new memory card for every new game played, still that will cause problems like suikoden 2 not bieng able to use saves from suikoden 1 or like final fantasy 7 disc 2 cant read disc 1 saves since epsxe considers them different games....

this why i like epsxecutor where you can save different settings like different memory cards for different games, a pity it never was updated
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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