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Can I use PSX Analog Controller?

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I have encountered a PC Converter for plugging in the PSX Analog Controller to the Converter the to my PC but I didn't buy it because I do not know whether epsxe is supporting it or not.

Anyone in this forum who knows the answer, please give advise on how to setup such thing.

Thanks in advance.

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i have a usb 1 with 2 connectors on it.
1 for playstation pad 1 for a n64 pad and it works fine...
great infact :D

as for setting it up in psxe just map each button/axis etc as they r in the controller setup screen.
in windows the psx pad is detected as a 4axis 16 button joypad
With the adapter, you can also have analog or digital control as ePSXe supports both. Also, if your adapter supports rumble (dual shock) then you can have that in ePSXe as well, since ePSXe supports that also.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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