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after reading several faqs and guides for installing and running PCSX2... i manage to get all the necessary programs and plugins and here it goes.. i have succeeded to run the PCSX2 properly..

so i'm just here to ask if my system is good enough to finish some games (mostly 2d games, i don't have the courage to go to FF games or 3d games)


Processor: AMD Athlon QL-65 Series 2.16 GHZ (i know it's low)
Ram: 3 Gigs
GPU: Nvidia 8200 Series 256 MB Dedicated
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium(16 - 32 Bit)

Emulator: PCSX2 0.9.6 (latest)
Graphics: GSDX 883
Sound: Pete's SPU2 1.9.0
SpeedHack Used: INTC Sync Hack

Game tried to play: Super Robotwars Z Ntsc-J

* the game run's well on the opening / start menu (runs about 50 - 80 fps)
* sound is also synchronize on the title screen
* tried to start the game in the first scenario.. the fps in the map with units goes around 20 - 30 fps, sound is delayed (slow?)
* when initializing a battle, the fps goes around 40 - 70 fps, sound is also synchronize

so guys, i can manage to play this one.. i also tried to used SPU2 (no sound) and the fps on the map increase up to 40 - 50 fps, but without sound..

- so guys, what is the meaning of the numbers with percentage with the CPU on it's left when im playing the emulator? is it the CPU usage? because i noticed it going up to 99%
- can i still tweak something so that the sound delay in the map screen will improve?

thanks in advance!
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