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can i run pcx2 with these requirements

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hello everybody
i like to ask some question about my computer

P4 3.16 GB
Nvidia Gforce 6200 (256 MB)
MSI Motherbored


are these requirement better to run power games like FFX,FF10

What i need to run games faster
if i increase my ram that be 2 gb is that good or what>>
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Though it was good at the time, and the concept still is good, that second link is quite far outdated by now. While there's still alot of useful information in there, with many of it still giving a good general idea, I wouldn't use it as reference. It's just too old. It needs redone/updated. PCSX2 is far past version 0.9.2, 64-bit's been given up, the TLB build is gone, the Athlon XPs aren't realistically practical anymore, I'd say Windows Vista7 is better (this is strictly only considering PCSX2) for it's use of DirectX 10 which is faster in PCSX2, etc., etc.

Since I'm posting anyway, that PC is too slow for Final Fantasy X. The RAM is the least of the bottleneck out of the CPU (first bottleneck) and GPU (second bottleneck). I tried it on a Pentium 4 2.8GHz with a GeForce 6800GS AGP and I got ~15FPS (10FPS-20FPS mostly). You may get a bit more since that was about two or three years ago on older PCSX2 versions, but you'll be lucky to get the game playing at half it's speed, and that's probably with speed hacks.
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