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Can i just double check something on backing up psx games??

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To back up psx games, you just place the original psx game in your cdrw drive, then use a burning program, lets say cdrwin, you then go to the extract disc/tracks/sectors option and then from there the program recognizes the game and you tell it to make a disc image/cuesheet. You then select the filename and then the rest of the options in the bottom right hand corner should be like: raw(checked) error recovery (abort) Jitter correction (auto) subcode analysis(auto) data speed (max) audio speed (max) read retry count (0) subcode threshold (300) Does this seem all correct for any of you, like to the point where i could just press start and it would make the image and cue file, and then from there just take those files and burn them to a cdr?? right???
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The default settings for CDrWin that were posted will work for about 90% of backups. However try burning something with a little twist to it and your gonna run into trouble. I always turn Error to ignore, and Subcode analysis to disable if I have any problems.
The thing about CDrWin is that you don't have to worry about burning coasters because you can extract the ISO to your HD before trying to burn anything. I have never extracted anything that didn't burn fine. However I've had the extractions abort for all sorts of reasons.
It's also important to remember that some backups will need to be patched in order to function correctly as backups. This is a good place to find patches and info about how to apply them. It's pretty easy and if you are using CDrWin your halfway there.

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