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Someone posted in another <a href="">thread</a> that the Yaroze 3002 bios gave them a speed boost. I've tried it, and I can't say that I can see a difference (although my performance was fine before... so maybe my system is fast enough that changing the bios won't make a diff.)

Question to those knowledgable about emu development: what effect does the bios really have on emu performance?


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I've tried 4 bios, which is:
1. scph1001
2. scph7001
3. scph7502
4. dtlh3002

I've try only a few games:
1. Ridge Racer 4 (PAL)
2. ISS Pro Evolution 2 (NTSC-U/C)
3. Chrono Cross (NTSC-U/C)
5. Vagrant Story (NTSC-U/C)
6. SF3 Alpha 3 (PAL)
7. SF (.... I forgot, but the old one)

And I notice no differences beetwen them (like Enigma), but only the Yaroze 3002 (just got one....Tks Mtlmph) a little bit faster in FFIX. I will try this bios again with other game again.

But I'm sure that bios is the same with compability. My comment here maybe bias, because most of them are NTSC-U/C (America) and very common game, so everything is the same. I did notice that even with European bios, it works well with the American one.

Any comment from other Japanese game with European/American bios?

Yes, I agree, the Bios simply affects compatability. I live in the USA,
run NTSC US games, and use the 7502 Bios almost exclusively. The fact that the 7502 is a European Bios doesn't matter, it runs my games just fine.
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