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Can anyone recommend a good adventure/puzzle game?

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My girlfriend likes adventure/puzzle games, are there any good ones for the PSX? She just likes the puzzle part though, no combat (although she did beat Doom 3, but whatever) . The best way I can describe it is a game like Syberia for the PC, if anyone knows what that is.

I know those kind of games don't usually make it anywhere else but the PC, but they did make Syberia for the XBox too, so I just thought I'd ask.
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The broken sword games were released for the PSX, you can try those.
Alundra is an Adventure game that has quite a few puzzle elements

Dragon Warrior 7 is an RPG, but has some great puzzles

By far the best puzzle / adventure game we have ever played is ICO for PS2...The puzzles are freakin brilliant..
Try Discworld 1,2 ( Noir should also have been released for the PSX, I bought it for PC not sure if the PSX release made it though )

These games have a great story ( lots of humour ) and many nice puzzles.
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