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can anyone helpme..

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i recently download shining wisdom, shining holy ark and mysteria us version. but i cant play this game with my ssf ver 9, 10 alpha, 10 beta and yabause. i change from demon to alchohol..but stil not work...the pic still blank.

i got all necessery file like bios sega 100 and 101. and my pc is very faster(pentium quad) with window xp.

what i wana ask is:
- if there any missing file for me..? or is there anything i miss..?

- is these game not compatible with ssf or yabause. cos i can play iron strom and dragonforce well. ( if anyone can play it can u xplain it)

- i cant play . cue file even i mount it. whats wrong..?
but i can play any .mds file...

thank u and i really2 apreciated if u can helpme....and sorry my english is very bad.
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It could be anything, such as a bad disc image. Theres no telling. Trying different settings or different emulators could give different results of course which could be more satisfactory.

Its advised to consult the SSF compatiblity list(s), the SSF information documents (both available as forum stickies in this section) and use proper versions of disc images, ideally ripped from owned discs.

Discussion about downloaded games being frowned upon, topic has to be closed, to ensure compliance with the [rules]forum rules[/rules]. Consulting those is advised. Welcome anyway, I suppose.
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