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can anyone help me with BOF 4

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Using epsxe I always gets a xa sound problem with this game. whenever a character does a spell u would suppose to hear him/her yell out the magic's name (in japanese), using epsxe I never got any magic names yelled out. But using VGS I have no problem with this, the xa sound works fine.
I have tried all different plugins and the results are the same.
Can anyone give me the best plugin setup that will solve and play this games better??? Or is this problem normal for epsxe?
note: the same problem seems to occur for bof 3 too, but works fine on VGS.
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Hum, i never had problems w/ bof3 sounds.(I used the null 1.35 plugin for this one)
For bof4, i ven t tried this game yet, but there s a box to check in the cdr configuration pannel:

The disable cdrom status one.

BTW, are u using ePSXe 1.4.0?

actually all sound effects and musics are fine, the only problem occurs when the magics are being cast
here's an example : when I cast heal, in epsxe I can only hear the healing sound effects but no voice, but using VGS I can hear both the sound effects and the voice "relieve" (I think that's what the character is saying ^^).

yes, I'm using 1.4.0

I ven t the game here. i cannot try it but i can give u advices:

Try the latest iori spu, null2 plugin, or even peteDsound
And try to change/ enable the pitch of XA playing.(perhaps?it will work?I dunno for sure)

Have u tried w/ the internal plugin too?
And yes: try to check all the boxes in the sound control pannel

Hope it will work.

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Why don't u use Connectix VGS 1.41? It works well :) I've finished playing it with my VGS and there's no bugs... (Ooops, I forgot, this is a ePSXe forum :p )
I know vgs 1.41 works well, but I want to play it on epsxe because of its 3D enhancements. VGS works perfectly, but with no 3d enhancement the graphics are just bad....

Anyone who played bof4 on epsxe, do u have the same problem too, can it be fixed??
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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