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hi guys,
i am supposed to setup my class's bulletin board and the topic is 'earthquake'. i am supposed to get info on the causes, effects, advantages and disadvantages of eatrhquakes. apart form all that i am also supposed to get lots of pics which i have already managed to get including a strange event called the 'earthquake rose'( i dont want to spoil ur fun so search for earthquake rose in google and find out what it is yourself and its kinda cool..). the board is plain white and sticking some text and a couple of pics on a plain board looks kinda dull so i came up with this cool idea.
I want to give a background to the board. the background is that of an earthquake and the ground spliting up. if i manage to get a hi res pic of this type then i could use the poster printing option in my printer, enlarge and print it on around 15 pages and use it as a background but the prob is that i cant find a pic that i want (i tried searching a lot though) and i really suck at drawing. so i have made a sketch of the type of pic that i want and attached it with this message. i request any good artist/ CG designer to please make such a pic for me.

p.s i have to submit it by this coming saturday so i would really appreciate any help as soon as possible. and sorry for this such a long post.

Description: the pic is of a huge piece of ground with a huge crack in it towards the left or right. thats all. have a look at the sketch below
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