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Project name:

Brief description:
Elium is a project on playable alpha state, not on its planning phase.

Elium is a non-linear 3D RPG powered by the Nebula2 visualization engine, with a medieval-fantasy theme, and features such as real-time fighting system, dynamic world content with very high interactivity, customizable character appearance, "gradient" character classes, stat/skill-independant "gradient" character advancement, and limited multiplayer (arena and other semi-simple game types, and hopefully co-op).

Target aim:
Freeware, maybe Retail
The purpose of this project is not only to create a game for the sake of it but also to have experience and at least a full demo as part of our resumes. If along the way a publisher is interested in the game we will of course try to make a deal, but this is just a possibility, not our main purpose.

credit and satisfaction :D (no pay)

Target system: PC (windows)
programming language: C+
tools: The Nebula Device 2

Talent needed:
Programmer: Fair experience in C++ and experience in 3D game engine and 3D game programming

Team structure:
Shalinor - Programmer, been in the team for more than a year
Chosker (me) - Artist, project founder, been in the project from the start

Website URL without redirection (same link without redirection, since redirection not always works)

my email and msn: osanzpont(at)
my AIM: RekmarX
my icq: 44480030

Additional Info:
a little screenshot... (click to enlarge)

You can find more screenshots and a music sample at our Website, but here are some other WIP shots I can show:
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