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I was rummaging through my old favorites I had left from previous windows installments (pr0n, pr0n, fora, pr0n, news, pr0n, comics). About 2 years ago, I noticed a comic that was starting out. Instead of a webcomic, this one is in style of a single comicbook. IIRC, they finished it 1½ year ago. It was fun for me to read it again, and since I had NGEmu open, I wondered how many here have ever seen this comic. Surely some haven't.

It's a parody on Dragonball Z's Freeza Saga, and quite a good one. That means, that if you want to fully enjoy this, you must've seen the more annoying characteristics DBZ presents, which were overwhelmingly available during the Freeza Saga.

The comic presents a.. somewhat different take on the DBZ characters Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Kuririn/Krillin, Picollo, Nail, Dendé, Freezer/Freeza, and the Ginyu Force. :D It's for you to find out who's who. Enjoy.

In case you're not sure if this 81-page long comic is for you, here are 3 pages for you to preview. Page 20, 36 and 45.
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