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Some might argue that you can use the .bin file without any sort of conversion and while this is sometimes true, I figure that having a usable image is worth the bother of running bin2iso.
Cluthu, can you give an example of a game that one of the psx emulators can't play from a .BIN file but can play when converted to an ISO with bin2iso? I hadn't heard of that being a problem. Might be useful to have an example of this to work from.

Now, back to anibua's question:
But I asked not so easy question!
I already know how copy CD-images using program "CDRWIN" and other.
But I wont know how to create new(!) ISO-image from files on PSX CDs.
And when I BUILD a new ISO-image from files using program "CDRWIN" (File Backup and Tools),
"ePSXe" can't play this ISO-image, only BIOS LOGO is displaying.
So I think, may be there is a special program for create PSX compatible ISOs.
Step-by-step instructions using CDRWIN:
1) Click extract disc/tracks/sectors
2) Select the drive the PSX disc is in under the CD Reader list.
3) Specify an image filename (no extension needed, it will create a .CUE file and a .BIN file). Make sure to put the files somewhere you can find easily.
4) The default options should be fine for reading options, etc. Click start.

Once finished, you should have a .CUE and a .BIN file. You won't need the CUE file, the BIN file is the image. Start EPSXE, select the file menu, select "Run ISO...", find the .BIN file and select it. I'm suspicious this last part is the part you're actually getting confused on.
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