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Perhaps you can try this: Go to the "Extract Disc/Tracks/Sectors" section of CDRWin, click the "..." button to specify a filename for your image. With the drive you have your PSX game in selected, specify 10 for Read Retry Count, "Ignore" for errors and finally click on Start. After it finishes making a .bin file, use the program bin2iso to convert the .bin to .iso format. Then it's just a simply matter of selecting the "Run ISO..." command in ePSXe.

Some might argue that you can use the .bin file without any sort of conversion and while this is sometimes true, I figure that having a usable image is worth the bother of running bin2iso.

The command you'd use to convert is rather simple. Place the bin2iso.exe file and the .bin and .cue files you get from CDRWin in the same directory. From a DOS Window (or Command Prompt, if you're using Win2k) go to that directory and run the following command

bin2iso [image_name].cue

It'll create an image named [image_name]-01.iso That's all there is to it.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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