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bushido blade

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does bushido blade run in epsxe (i check the compatiblity site but bb is not listed). i get a blank screen when i start the game.

pete's d3d dx6 1.5
ioru spu
barret-kazuya cd plug-in
yaroze bios
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Umm, I think I had it working in ePSXe, I can try it tonight and let you know tomorrow...
Well if I recall correctly it worked for me when I borrowed it from a mate of mine... can't remember any of the settings tho' sorry.
don't worry guys, i got bushido blade working now. it wasn't a compatibility issue, the game works but it takes sometime (approx 20 sec) to start running. it stays in the black screen for a while b4 it plays the opening scene. sorry, i just had to be a lil' patient.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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