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As most of you guys know, GTA V is just a blast with the last Real VR mod and after all this years I wanted to revisit the game from start with the sickest hardware controller setup.

I am a huge fan of hardware and have all kind of controllers from many platforms.

I plan to do a mega setup with:

A set of two Sony Nav Controller for the game on foot
A Sony aim controller Rifle for the gun fights
Hotas joystick - throttle - rudder for the Helicopters
Flying yoke with throttle - same rudder for the planes
G29 with gaz pedals and shifter for the car driving
An extra usb arduino handbrake system to use in combination with the G29
And last but not least
Gemini Yamaha Motorsport Controller with USB adapter for bikes and motor bikes gameplay

everything is already installed on a single desk,I use a wheeled chair to switch between the different controllers depending on the gameplay. I reset my view in game by shaking my head and I do spawn in front of the right place and everything looks and feel just perfect.

I do succeed to make things to work individually with 3 options at the same time (2 Sony nav controller (a real blast) + Sony aim controller (a real joy) + G29 (really fun) for exemple that makes my 4 controllers already)
For that I merge all the controllers to act as controller one and merge the different keys on the first controller emulated by X360ce...

Problem is, X360ce limits us to « use » or integrate « only » 4 controllers so the rest of the setup is resting on the table unused and so ready to be used...

Question is : is there a way, using X360ce, which is just extraordinary, to extend the controller mapping with limitless entries? Extend the X360CE program to accept more controllers even if they are not used as primary controllers like the first 4 are...?

Wouldn’t it be just insanely great???

Does anyone have any clue on how we could sort things out to make that kind of magic happen?

if any devs visit this forum would you consider this idea good enough to be implemented in the future updates?

I personally went through the idea of making a multiple USB entries arduino to plug in all the left over controllers (yoke-hotas-bike-handbrake) and make a mega -controller with it, but I am sure to face an issue being that the very controller have many different axes or buttons to control the same axes or input, in will be full of conflict and/or too many axes to be mapped on a single controller (the arduino would count as one single controller)

let me know your opinions in the comments if like me you are interesting in this subject...

X360CE is just a blast, congrats to the developper(s) for this piece of art!!!

hope the get some clue by some experts...

love you guys!!!!
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