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In Tales of Desnity 2, when I saved using a save slate, the controls are useless, as in they don't work at all, and also when you press escape and continue, the game is screwed up, or frozen. Is there any hope of getting answers?
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Can you please be more specific by telling us which Emulator and plugins are you using?
I am so sorry, it's ePSXe, please move this if this is the wrong place to put.
That's one of the occasional side effects of using save states. Do you have a memory card save as well?
let me guess, you want me to del the slate, right? Yes, I do have a memory card save.
Just replay from the memcard save to make sure it's not sstate. Save states have this kind of problems sometimes.
Search the forums and you will find the answer.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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