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After downloading and opening this build yesterday, on my first try this error doesn't seem to appear.

But today every time I open up VBA-M an error message appears, but after clicking Ok the emulator seems to run fine. Here's the error message it gives me:

Cannot SetCooperativeLevel80070057"

Can someone explain this to me?

My Specs:
Pentium 4
2.40GHz of Processing Speed
512 MB of RAM (Upgrading to a higher memory soon.)
64 MB of Video Card Mem. (Same as the RAM, upgrading soon.)
NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 (Yeah, I know it's ancient, I'm buying a new one soon.)

Thanks for your help.

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no way... not this error again.

this issue usually only occurs when using the DirectSound audio output, though i've just tested the svn914 builds and theres no problem......

have you updated Dx with the dxwebupdater, and installed openal's runtime?
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