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Bug with valkyrie profile

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in the game valkyrie profile epsx 1.7.0 stop and don't want to go further. it happen when we heard the characters speaking (exemple when the valkyrie speak with chasel). how do we fix that problem?
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use eternal spu with the VP game fixes., and DON'T USE STATES DURING SPEECH SCENES.
Using frameskipping can cause this as well, although it's unlikely.

In any case, restore from the last "hard save" you have and that should fix it - I got a hang on the exact same spot you mentioned, during Valkyrie recruiting Kashell. (You are still using the normal in-game save functions, I hope!)
save + load= fix

had the freeze on "life something " chptr. 3
Save (ingame not savestate), quit, load, carry on. Solved for me.
Used Video: Pete's DX6 D3D 1.77 (nice. 16bit, unfiltered framebuffer, color dith., spec.:mixed soft fb acces), Sound: peops DSound 1.9 (high compatib., reverb psx reverb, interpolat: gaussian interpol, enable xa, change xa, spu irq valkyrie)
can u help me im using epsx 1.7.0 in valkyrie im using daemon tool as a cd but its now working i'm stock at the end of the 1st disc can u help me and also my PETE's open GL2 Driver 2.9 !!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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