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Ok, I noticed that Tenchu (jap) hangs after the third stage. When played in software mode you'll see an error message, some sort of blue screen that says there's an error opening tenchu.vol
The game plays fine on VGS....I can also use a VGS memorycard and play stages after 3 with that but when you finish those in ePSXe it will lock up again after you've finished that stage.
I tried different video plugins, different spu's, cd-rom, ISO, spu irq hack and that F4-thingy, running both with and without sound but the problem stayed.
I'm curious if anyone else experienced the problem and if it happens on the PAL or US versions as well.
And yes, the first three stages can be played without problems but it hangs directly after the third stage.
Oh, one more thing (almost forgot): I used save states during playing. Perhaps that could be the problem? There were no problems during saving or reloading though.

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the music works in epsxe 1.4.0....
and yes, I thought everything worked fine, but the problem appears after the third stage, so you won't notice it immediately; it might be listed wrong there.

VGS works fortunately, and bleem plays it too AFAIK , but VGS has low res, bleem 1.4 plays the music slightly skippy and bleem 1.5 just plays it too fast....
perhaps I should try fpse or adripsx; or, maybe the save states caused the problem...
and perhaps the PAL version doesn't have the problem (the one on the list is jap though)?
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