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PCSX2 976 Beta & 2 0.9.6
GSDX 0.1.8 & ZeroGS 0.97.1
Linuz ISO 8.0

Description: Game seems to run fine when i use GSDX, but id rather use ZeroGS, and when i do, the screen goes entirely blank, i can hear the sound in the background though (sometimes it flickers really quickly and i can see something for a quick moment).

When i use GSDX my streams are blank @ xfire despite me being able to see everything normally. Can stream other games just fine using ZeroGS though.

Is it possible to stream using GSDX? If not, how do i fix the blank screenage when using ZeroGS?

Thanks in advance

Edit: Not related to Naruto Accel 2 but using Anti-aliasing on some games work perfectly fine, except when i get to cinematics, the screen goes blank, if i turn it off i can see the screen again (FFX for example). This a known problem?
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