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BUG Report for Petespu1.8

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Okay.....I have noticed a few Bugs in this plugin and I guess that this information of mine would be helpful for pete in his future releases..........!
The plugin is on one hand is very has great potential and speed.It increased the speed of my emulation.Now I can also play GT2 with full 60fps on P-III,500mhz,Vcard:Asus (V3800),Creative SBlive.

On the second there is a bug that really bugs me........hehe.......never mind!

Okay while playing GT2 I noticed that this plugin is inadequate to clear the sound of previous gone events.......what do I mean by that!

Consider that your car runs through a stone and there is a sound created when that car goes over that stone.The plugin them keeps on repeating that sound for 20 secs,while the new sounds carry on........!

I am really non technical to explain this problem with proper scientific words so sorry for that.......!

I hope u got it what I meant
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You mean the sample keeps on getting replayed or it sounds like the sound is stuck and can't continue playing.
No actually the sound is not stuck.......some samples keep on repeating themselves while the others contiune
Must be a problem with the sample(s) looping, or something....
Yea.....something like that
I have noticed problems with samples getting stuck but it seems to me like it either fades out a stuck sample eventually though maybe that is just because the game told it to do that. But sometimes if you pop up the gpu menu and then clear it that fixes the sound. For some odd reason.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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