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So I have a wireless connection.
Whenever I have ePSXe running for any amount of time (usually for longer than 10 minutes, I haven't really counted), my internet connection immediately drops.

I go to my network list, refresh the page and my network is not there.
I keep refreshing moreorless everytime the page loads and sometimes the network name will appear, but it still won't connect - I have it set to Automatic so anytime the network is found, it'll connect there and then.

Sometimes it will reconnect for a short time, but the connection will drop soon after - usually 10 or so seconds after connecting.

If I close ePSXe, my computer will reconnect automatically, (though around 5 seconds after epSXe closes - it's a slow computer so it likes to take its time with things) as if nothing has happened.

This happens roughly 99.9% of the time when I run ePSXe, so it's not just a coincidence; my computer does drop connection once every so often, but it's not a case of "this program is open so I will disconnect and I will only reconnect when this program has been closed".

If anyone could explain and perhaps solve this enigma of losing connection, that's would be very helpful.

(oh, and I am running a slightly old version of ePSXe - 1.6.0 - I haven't had time to upgrade it yet. But unless this is solved with 1.6.0 or maybe if this has been solved with 1.7.0, I'm sticking to what I've got for the time being - though if the problem persists, chances are I'll be moving to another emulator.)
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