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Bug in ePSXe 1.4.0

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I believe there's a bug in ePSXe 1.4.0 involving the GT2 arcade disc that did not occur in v1.2.0. The bug is that when going to play a single player arcade mode race, it will not allow me to select the track I wish to race, it automatically just picks Tahiti Road, as if I pressed a key on my gamepad, however I haven't pushed anything. This didn't happen in v1.2.0, so just wondering if anyone has any idea what could be done to solve it.

Using the following plugins w/ePSXe 1.4.0:

Pete's OGL 1.50
ePSXe core SPU
ePSXe core CD-ROM Plugin

PIII 600
256MB of RAM
Asus V7100 (GF2 MX)
Toshiba SD-M1042 DVD
Gravis GamePad Pro USB
SB Live! Value

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I don't know.... That never happens to me on GT2 running on epsxe 1.4...... It actually run flawlesly for me....... You could try to change the controller type to digital or analog........
Well, I deleted the ePSXe directory, and cleared out most of the ePSXe/plugin registry settings and reinstalled/reconfigured everything and all is well now, strange, I've noticed that when "upgrading" from previous version of ePSXe a problem always seems to arise... oh well no biggie, just gotta delete things to get it going well. :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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