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BSR screen Recorder Settings

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So I was recording this
YouTube - Dbz legends cell with cartoon shader +2xsal

Now it was like 37.5mb i size for only 1.27 playtime.. and it looked well mediocre... quality could be alot better, also it seemed to be laggy and audio a bit off.

It was recorded with BSR screen recorder with the ffdshow video codec...

Now i don't have any idea how to properly set it up so I get high quality or at least decent videos 100% in sync..

Im using it to record aPSXe game video.

E6400 @ 2.6 ghz
Geforce 7900 GTO
xifi pci express 5.1 soundcard
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Anyone got tips on how to record with normal good quality video+audio?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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