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byuu said:
For those who don't remember, I implemented Super Game Boy support soon after v045 was released, but I was never able to complete it due to a lack of understanding how the $7800 register worked. I abandoned this support because it required building all of gambatte inside bsnes. That isn't a bad thing at all, gambatte is a great emulator. The problem was more all of that extra code and complexity for something that didn't really work.

But we'll never fix the $7800 problem if we don't have a codebase to work on it with. So taking from the new dynamic library support with snesreader and snesfilter, I've built libgambatte into a library, and simply link in a dozen or so API calls to it.

So far, I have non-SGB games working again, without sound output, and with the usual $7800 synchronization issues. I don't expect to solve this problem, but at the very least, it's a launching point for future progress.
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