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After a half-dozen hours of installing and compiling various combinations of MinGW and Qt, I've finally found a combination that once again allows
for profile-guided optimizations: MinGW GCC 4.3.3 and Qt 4.6.0-beta 1. Though Qt 4.4 still has broken PGO,
the latest Qt beta no longer has the process freeze issue upon termination.

This release is essentially the same as v053, but it's now at least as fast as v052 was, and ~10% faster than v053, which lacked profiling.

I did add in two quick changes, however: first, when starting in fullscreen mode, the video output size was being incorrectly set to the windowed size;

second, by requiring save states to match the CRC32 of games, it made debugging with them impossible, so I've turned off the CRC32 matching.
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I hope that was sarcasm with v053 released one day prior :)

I hate releasing again so quickly, but I didn't want to make people wait a month to get the +15% speed back from profiling.
The best thing about your emu is that it feels smooth and it doesn't have too many errors while I'm playing, like zsnes >_< (Mario RPG is the best example of this, good bye shaking screen xD)
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