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bsnes v0.053 released

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* save RAM is initialized to 0xff again to work around Ken Griffey Jr Baseball issue
* libco adds assembly-optimized targets for Win64 and PPC-ELF [the latter courtesy of Kernigh]
* libco/x86 and libco/amd64 use pre-assembled blocks now, obviates need for custom compilation flags
* added a new cheat code search utility to the tools menu
* separated filters from main bsnes binary to libsnesfilter / snesfilter.dll
* added 2xSaI, Super 2xSaI and Super Eagle filters [kode54]
* added full configuration settings for NTSC and scanline filters (12+ new options)
* further optimized HQ2x filter [blargg]
* added Vsync support to the Mac OS X OpenGL driver
* added folder creation button to custom file load dialog
* fixed a few oddities with loading of "game folders" (see older news for an explanation on what this is)
* updated to blargg's file_extractor v1.0.0
* added full support for multi-file archives (eg GoodMerge sets)
* split multi-cart loading again (BS-X, Sufami Turbo, etc) as required for multi-file support
* cleaned up handling of file placement detection for save files (.srm, .cht, etc)
* file load dialog now remembers your previous folder path across runs even without a custom games folder assigned
* windows now save their exact positioning and size across runs, they no longer forcibly center
* menus now have radio button and check box icons where appropriate
* debugger's hex editor now has a working scrollbar widget
* added resize splitter to settings and tools windows
* worked around Qt style sheet bug where subclassed widgets were not properly applying style properties
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Thanks, I downloaded it!
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