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bsnes v0.052

(released 2009-09-28)

This is a maintenance release, which fixes a few important bugs. It also adds some graphical icons to soften the user interface. Note that if you have set any custom paths with v051, you'll need to set them again for the fix to work. As always, my apologies for releasing two versions so close together. I felt the bugs were important enough to warrant it.

◦fixed loading of files and folders containing non-ANSI characters (Chinese, Japanese, etc)
◦fixed a slight lag on startup due to the new file browser
◦fixed path selection setting, screenshots will now be saved to the correct directory
◦hid memory editor scrollbar since it does not work yet
◦disabled window positioning on Linux due to bugs in the Compiz compositor
◦added icons from the Tango icon library to the menus and panels

byuu's home page and other info plus the latest release here
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