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* corrected a small bug in HDMA processing; fixes College Football '97 flickering
* corrected ROMBR and PBR SuperFX register masking; fixes Voxel demo [MooglyGuy]
* DSP-4 driver AI bug fixed [Jonas Quinn]
* added save state support to the S-DD1, S-RTC, DSP-1, DSP-2 and ST-0010 co-processors
* fixed a freeze issue when the S-SMP encounters STOP and SLEEP opcodes
* Cx4 save states no longer need floating-point values, and are thus fully portable now
* added new custom file loading dialog; allows non-modal usage, screenshot previews and ROM info summary, among many other benefits
* added support for IPS soft-patching
* added blargg's File_Extractor library
* added support for archives compressed using 7-zip, RAR and BZip2; which is in addition to existing support for Gzip, ZIP and JMA
* state manager now properly updates the timestamp column on saves [FitzRoy]
* added OpenGL renderer to OS X port
* fixed system beep issue with keyboard input on OS X port
* fixed menubar visibility issue on OS X port
* fixed a Display handle leak on Linux port [snzzbk]
* X-video driver now releases SHM memory properly upon exit [emon]
* fixed Direct3D rendering issue that was blurring video on some cards [Fes]
* enhanced window positioning code for all platforms
* debugger is now GUI-driven instead of via command-line
* memory hex editor is now fully usable
* added PPU video RAM viewer to debugger
* added S-CPU and S-SMP tracing capabilities to debugger
* Qt version upgraded to 4.5.2, and compiled with optimizations enabled; runs faster but makes the binary slightly larger
* too many code cleanups to list
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Thanks, I downloaded it!

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An important part of the release news....

Starting with this release, I wish to take bsnes in a new direction. It has always excelled in accuracy, as the only SNES emulator to offer a full 100% compatibility rate with all known commercial software. But over the years, it has also gained an impressive array of features and enhancements not found anywhere else. It is also the only actively developed SNES emulator with rapid, periodic releases. Its only achilles heel is the steep system requirements, which is quickly being overcome by aggressive new optimizations and steadily-increasing hardware speeds.

In an effort to make bsnes even more accessible to everyone, starting with this release, bsnes is now fully open source software, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. I would like to work toward positioning bsnes as a truly general use emulator, and would welcome any help with this.

Specifically, I am looking for an interested Debian maintainer to package bsnes for Linux users; as well as for anyone interested in helping to optimize and improve bsnes as a whole. It also seems that many still do not know about bsnes, I'd appreciate advice and help on spreading the word. Please leave a message on my forum if you are interested.

I would also welcome and support any forks that target specific areas: a speed-oriented version, a tool-assisted speedrun version, netplay bindings, and so on. As part of this targeting, I've also released a custom debugger-enabled version, which trades a bit of speed in turn for best-in-class debugging capabilities.

Please check back here over the following few days, I'll be writing up documentation explaining all of the various unique features of bsnes, as well as detailed compilation instructions for programmers.

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Thank you, I downloaded it as well...
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